Disciples of Clyde Present: Dan's Daily Shuffle

A song and an NBA thought

"Don’t Want To Be No General" - Dennis Brown

A night of rarities last night:

1)  The Thunder had two guys score 30 points on less than 20 shots, and lost. I asked @NerdNumbers to look into, because that seems rare. He did (it is.)

2) Barkley had really salient points about Scott Brooks making a mistake playing Perkins and Ibaka together for so long, since Perkins couldn’t play pick and roll defense well enough. Barkley can get lazy in the regular season, and it can make you forget that when he’s really paying attention, he actually knows what he’s talking about. And they showed the film - Barkley was 100% right.

Given those two things, I’d hate to be Scott Brooks today. He can only blame himself for that loss.

  • 30 May 2012